My Goals

I’m looking for new tasks that ideally meet my previous skills and my willingness to learn.

So far, I’ve worked exclusively as a freelancer and on my own, so I call myself a Full Stack Developer . I am aware of the fact that the requirements and the necessary special knowledge in the full width of the development are constantly and rapidly increasing.

To continue to call myself a Full Stack Developer it is necessary to continue to learn in all areas. From CSS to Javascript to PHP and up to many new technologies.

But even as a Full Stack Developer you sometimes have to decide for one or the other.

Many years ago I switched from ASP.net to PHP. Then I opted for the Laravel framework. (So I exclude Symfonie or Yii for me.)  For Javascript, I used prototype.js earlier, later jQuery and today I want to go full on Vue.js. (So I exclude React or Angular for me.)

I want to continue developing both: backends and frontends. The following technologies I find particularly exciting:

PWA Progressive Web Applications

My knowledge base …

SPA Single Page Applications

My knowledge base …

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

My knowledge base …

API driven development

My knowledge base …


I have collected and studied a lot of know-how on the above topics, consumed various comprehensive video courses and gained a basic understanding. However, I have so far had little practical experience in these areas.

On the other hand, the availability of boiler plates and training is so great that I am confident that I can quickly come up with practical results.

I’m also interested in serverless development (node.js) and document-based databases (Firebase and mongo.db). Here I am, however, still pretty much at the beginning. In this context, I point out that mySQL 5.7 supports the new field type json, which I find exciting and already practically implement.

These areas are of interest to me: e-commerce, e-learning, SAAS and maybe others.

Development is also a creative process for me. I have fun to find new concepts and solutions and to realize them in scripts.

I would like to demonstrate to you, if interested, further parts of my developments, preferably via a desktop remote connection.