My Skills & Background

Structured by:

  1. Current skills
  2. My personal characteristics and concepts
  3. My focus of the last years
  4. Background
1. Current skills
  PHP PHP 7.1
  very interested in: OOP, Design Patterns, SOLID Principles, interfaces, traits, observers, APIs
  very interested in: Laravel, Blade, Composer, Caching Techniken,
  Javascript EC5, EC6, Vue, Axios, jQuery, components, modules
  very interested in: promises, fetch, SPAs, AMP
  I use amongst others: SweetAlert2, elevateZoom, Spectrum Color Picker, ckEditor, fanybox3
  CSS3 SASS, Animate.css, FontAwesome, responsive design
  HTML5 local storage, canvas, progressive web apps, manifest, 
  databases mySQL, Redis, memCached, Firebase
  very interested in: mySQL 5.7 mit json-Fields – möchte lernen mongo.db
    I have been working with DBs for over 20 years. Starting with dBase, Clipper, MS Access, MS SQL to mySQL for over 10 years. I master complex queries, relationships, pivot tables, PDO and Eloquent etc. I usually work with php myAdmin. 
  working environment  PHP Storm, Sublime, Visual Studio, SSH, CLI, Android Studio (new)
    local Webserver:  Laragon, Vagrant, xamp
    Composer, npm und yarn, Webpack, Babel, SASS, Redis
  Cloud Hosting-Server Digital Ocean and Forge, Host Europe, AWS and more.
  APIs Implementation of various APIs to support the web apps
  Payment-Interfaces APIs Implementierung von Saferpay SIXT (Postfinance CH, Paypal, Twint,  credit cards etc. in my current applications)
    Implementation of Paypal, Laravel Braintree and Stripe
  Google-Docs API  Google-Spreadsheet for exporting selected Laravel Language-Folders. With the spreadsheet a translator can work. Import of the Spreadsheet to Laravel, incl. Import into DB-Table.
  Google-Translation API I have been working with this API for several years. The quality of the translations has dramatically improved – but not always perfect. I use the translations of the Google API, save them in spreadsheets and give the user the ability to change the texts manually at any time. For that I have developed some cool UIs.  Read more under Projects.
  more Google Google-Analytics, Google-Webmaster, Google-Captcha and more …
  more APIs AWS S3, Dropbox 
  GIT my repository
  Database Schemes The creation of database schemas which map the business processes is completely familiar to me as well as the ongoing, necessary adjustments.
    Data migration even with different table structures and collations (non utf8) are familiar to me. If necessary, I develop individual scripts with queries to get the desired result.
  CRUD generators I have worked extensively on various CRUD generators. ( Infyom , QuickAdminPanel, and others) I’ve developed my own advanced CRUD generator.Customization of stub files and Bootstrap4.


2. My personal characteristics and concepts
    As a longtime freelancer, I have a high degree of initiative and personal responsibility. I work carefully and have high demands on the quality of my work. New conception and programming of planned web appearances is the norm for me.
    I have a real passion for new trends and technologies. Especially in the environment of Laravel and Javascript. 
    I learn daily through online video courses (such as Laracast, Udemy, CodeCourse and many others). I read relevant newsletters daily (eg Laravel News, Nick Basile, Spatie, Vue, Javascript weekly etc.).
    I collect all information from one of my structured knowledge bases (Pearltrees) . This knowledge base serves me to meet every new requirement. This knowledge base is continually being extended and supplemented by me.
    I develop reusable code and modules. I have developed a variety of user interfaces in my projects. Always with smooth animations.
    I’m constantly working on maximizing my apps in terms of speed. Keywords: Caching with Redis, DB optimization etc.
    As a freelancer, I always communicate directly with my clients. These were not IT professionals but entrepreneurs, shopkeepers etc. I am able to translate verbally formulated customer requests directly into the application. The customer relationships last several years, since there were always requests to expand the application.
  personal strengths • Understanding the entire software development process (analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment). 
• self-initiative, resilience, customer orientation, communication. 
• Proven practical experience in application development. I have designed and developed software, databases and web applications for over 20 years. 
• Interest in business and financial processes. 
• Independent analysis and learning of topics. 
• Permanent independent further education in the field of IT. 
• I have a commercial and technical education, with experience in finance, personnel and marketing and I think process-oriented. 
• Graphics & Design experience (Photoshop, Fireworks, xPress). 
• Communicable with experience in monitoring, training and documentation. 
• Very good German and English skills (safe in spoken and written). French (basic knowledge). 
  Industry experience in the IT sector: Development of e-commerce web applications, various industries.

Banking environment (UBS AG – Zurich) – 3 years: 
portfolio management & performance benchmarking (software developments in the financial sector).

UBS: Development of a Content Management System in the Intranet, Portfolio News System ‘. 

UBS: Development of a tool for creating various monthly model portfolio reports (under VBA & Excel with forwarding to the intranet). 

UBS: Setting up and maintain an intranet portal with restriced and public areas as an information platform for risk managers.

Human Recources (Telekurs AG – Zurich) – Human Resources Management 
Applicant and job administration. Internal multi-user solution with VBA & Access with transfer of jobs to the web server.

    1998 Relocation from Hamburg to Basel, 1986-1997 Managing Director of a mail-order business in Hamburg, 25 employees, including development of in-house software applications (xBase, Clipper), desktop publishing (catalog design under Quark XPress, Photoshop). 
Education: shipping agent, shipbroker, later studying business administration.


3. My priorities of the last years
  Laravel Development of a backend that serves as a boilerplate for various front-end applications.

Various in-house developments for reusable user interfaces (UI).

Building an optimized CRUD. Content Management (Ajax-based).

100% true multilingual, thank bank based, using Google Translations API. Goes well beyond Laravel’s own system of long folders. Any language is possible, any number of languages ​​are possible. Separation of backend and frontend. 

Development of a sophisticated key / value table with integrated texts and translations. Basis for a multiplicity of user interfaces. Logical switches, color picker, selects and more. This is what configuration wizards and design wizards are made of for any conceivable purpose. Everything with help texts in any languages.  

   Javascript I have worked intensively with EC5 and EC6. I also went deep into Vue. I’m about to replace my jQuery-based functions and modules with Vanilla-JS or Vue.

I’m interested in Vuetify, which offers UI components based on Vue. Just dealing with NUXT.

   CSS Have learned SASS including compiler. I have Bootstrap 4 integrated into my laravel applications. Have Animate.css integrated. I’m excited about Flex and Grid, which simplifies things a lot in terms of responsive design.
  Redis I’ve learned to implement my own cache mechanisms based on Redis. Have an interesting approach to cache key / value / translations, not only Table / Record based but Table / Record / Field based.
  until 2015 I developed my own shop system over several years and continuously expanded it. Much of what I once developed there I would like to add in a modern way to my Laravel-Boilerplate.

The shop system is still in use. Particularly complex is the backend. Although not up to date, (PHP 5.6) but still fast. Contains many good ideas that I am continuing to develop and is currently migrating to Laravel.


The following skills for the sake of completeness. Partially from yesterday and the day before yesterday.

4. Background 
  Operating systems and standard software All windows operating systems up to windows10 
windows server, some linux
  Datenbases Physical and Logical Data Modeling 
SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) 
SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) 
Data Migration, Backup, Restore, Import, Export 
Stored Procedures, Security 
  Programmier- und Makro-Sprachen und -Techniken: Visual Basic, VBA, Visual, Javascript, C #, Object Oriented Programming 
ASP,, 2.0 
MS Access, Excel, VBA 
web services
  Netzwerk Internet Service Providing – Internet Information Server
Netzwerk Analyse auf logischer und physischer Ebene
Netzwerk Security Analyse
Planning and Building Medium-Size Networks
Domain- und Security Management, Users, Groups und Roles
IP hosting, routing and registering
  conceptional Physical and Logical Data Modeling 
Application and Data Migration 
Various Application 
Development Techniques Software Validation and Testing Methods 
System Administration, Backup Concepts 
Development Environments and Version Control 
Training, Documentation, Monitoring
  Tools, development environments Visual-Studio,
Source Safe
Visual Webdeveloper 2005 (ASP 2.0)
MS-Access, VBA, MS-Office und diverse Windows Entwicklungs Tools
Bildbearbeitung, Photoshop, Macromedia-Fireworks, Flash
Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS-Frontpage u.A.
  image editing Photoshop, Fireworks, Desktop-Publishing


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